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When religion disappoints

Have you ever met a “church person” who was less than loving?
Do you struggle to meet the religious expectations forced upon you?

Have you ever felt like a second-class citizen in God’s family?
Do you wonder why others get excited about God, but you just don’t feel it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, there is a good chance that you are in a truth famine.

A truth famine happens when we embrace religious tradition without examining the source of original truth.

It is possible that people experiencing a truth famine might be misrepresenting the very religion they claim to embrace. At the very least they miss the full experience of God’s love and forgiveness.

Have we accepted religions traditions without examining them?
Do we know the difference between TRUTH and TRADITION?

When we seek truth alone, we find freedom and relationship.

Traditions Aren’t Always the Truth

If you never take time to examine the foundation of your faith,
you just might believe something that isn’t true.
Worse yet, you might be missing an encounter with the Author of our faith.

I grew up in church, had a relationship with God, and knew many “right” answers.
But it wasn’t until I started questioning certain traditions and went back to the basics
that I REALLY began to know God.

Suddenly, I didn’t have to carry the heavy guilt
of failing to meet man-made expectations.
I could exist within Jesus’ body, the church,
without being bogged down with man-made rules.
Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light!

The dry, empty shell of religious tradition
was replaced by something better.


Jesus is the TRUTH

By focusing in on Jesus, I learned truth.

He freed me from religious expectations.

He released the load of religious culture that He never endorsed.

He introduced me to the depths of His love.

He showed me that He transcends tradition to bring LIFE.

Will you join me on this crazy, beautiful adventure as we anchor our souls to Jesus to find our hope, our life, and our freedom?

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